Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Apple - iPod nano - Sync with iTunes

Apple - iPod nano - Sync with iTunes: "Music imported from your CDs. 99� songs, best-selling audiobooks, and free podcasts from the iTunes Store. Up to 25,000 photos. Even your contacts and calendars. Just connect iPod nano to your Mac or PC and iTunes transfers your music and more in one seamless sync.

Always in tune
iPod nano and iTunes work so well together because they%u2019re made for each other. From download to sync, you never miss a beat. Simply download music, audiobooks, and free podcasts from the integrated iTunes Store or import music from your CDs. The moment you connect iPod nano to your Mac or Windows PC, iTunes updates everything you%u2019ve added since your last sync %u2014 every song, every podcast, every audiobook.

Sync and say
If you have more in your iTunes library than will fit on your iPod nano, not to worry. iTunes will create a playlist that fits your style %u2014 and your iPod nano%u2019s capacity. If you%u2019d rather hand-pick what goes onto your iPod nano, feel free. Just drag and drop exactly what you want from your iTunes library onto iPod nano and go.

All docked out
The handy dock connector on the bottom of iPod nano lets you connect it to your computer, recharge the battery, and sync files fast via the included USB cable. Or leave the optional iPod nano Dock connected to your Mac or PC. Then, when you%u2019re ready to charge or sync, just dock your iPod nano and iTunes automatically gets to work. You can also connect the dock to a stereo system or pair of powered speakers.

Snapshots on schedule
iPod nano holds a lot more than music. Import photos from iPhoto on a Mac or Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on a Windows PC. Update your Address Book and iCal on the Mac or Outlook or Outlook Express on the PC. iTunes syncs up to 25,000 photos and all your contacts and calendars to iPod nano. Just like that."


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