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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Apple - iPod nano - Sync with iTunes

Apple - iPod nano - Sync with iTunes: "Music imported from your CDs. 99� songs, best-selling audiobooks, and free podcasts from the iTunes Store. Up to 25,000 photos. Even your contacts and calendars. Just connect iPod nano to your Mac or PC and iTunes transfers your music and more in one seamless sync.

Always in tune
iPod nano and iTunes work so well together because they%u2019re made for each other. From download to sync, you never miss a beat. Simply download music, audiobooks, and free podcasts from the integrated iTunes Store or import music from your CDs. The moment you connect iPod nano to your Mac or Windows PC, iTunes updates everything you%u2019ve added since your last sync %u2014 every song, every podcast, every audiobook.

Sync and say
If you have more in your iTunes library than will fit on your iPod nano, not to worry. iTunes will create a playlist that fits your style %u2014 and your iPod nano%u2019s capacity. If you%u2019d rather hand-pick what goes onto your iPod nano, feel free. Just drag and drop exactly what you want from your iTunes library onto iPod nano and go.

All docked out
The handy dock connector on the bottom of iPod nano lets you connect it to your computer, recharge the battery, and sync files fast via the included USB cable. Or leave the optional iPod nano Dock connected to your Mac or PC. Then, when you%u2019re ready to charge or sync, just dock your iPod nano and iTunes automatically gets to work. You can also connect the dock to a stereo system or pair of powered speakers.

Snapshots on schedule
iPod nano holds a lot more than music. Import photos from iPhoto on a Mac or Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on a Windows PC. Update your Address Book and iCal on the Mac or Outlook or Outlook Express on the PC. iTunes syncs up to 25,000 photos and all your contacts and calendars to iPod nano. Just like that."



Wired News: Axing the Podcast Middleman

Wired News: Axing the Podcast Middleman: "ONTARIO, California -- Apple's lawyers may be busy trying to secure the company's trademark rights to all things 'pod,' but a litany of startup companies are working just as hard to remove the iPod and even the computer from the podcast equation.

Several exhibitors at the 2006 Podcast and Portable Media Expo here this weekend showed off devices and software that could make the dominant iTunes software irrelevant to podcast listeners and turn the ubiquitous cell phone into the all-purpose MP3 player.

'You're no longer going to be wired,' said Yusef Cheema, senior vice president for Liquid Air Lab, whose free Spodradio software for cell phones allows downloading and streaming of podcasts.

Melodeo, which today begins offering a similar service on any Cingular phone for $5 a month, plus dataplan costs, doesn't mince words.

'This could actually replace the iPod as the experience gets better and better and the broadband wireless network gets better,' said Rob Greenlee, senior vice president for the Seattle company, which has offered the same service to Alltel subscribers for $4 a month, plus data plan costs, since August. IPods and MP3 players 'cannot get real-time updated content. They're not devices that are easily updated anywhere you happen to be.'

One challenge up until now -- as seen by the Motorola RAZR V3i cell phone that Apple supports with iTunes software -- has been the lack of built-in memory large enough to handle podcasts, some of which require more than 50 MB. But at the show, Nokia showed off two phone models retailing at $600 that have SD card slots that can handle up to 2 GB of memory and a third, retailing for $700 that has 8 GB built in. The phones, rolled out this year in the United States, are only available through Nokia's site.

The effort toward 'gadget consolidation' has Nokia business manager Risto Koski saying the Finnish company doesn't even want to call it a phone anymore. They now sell 'multimedia computers,' he said.

'I see the PC or Mac as being a graveyard of podcasts,' Koski said. 'You must first download the content to your PC or Mac and then transfer it to your portable media device, and then find a spot to listen to it. Whereas in our case, you're able to bypass the PC or Mac and download it directly to your handset. All you need is to find the right spot to watch or listen to your favorite shows.'

That is, indeed, the holy grail for podcasters hamstrung by both technological limitations and a still-pervasive impression among the general public that only iPod owners can use podcasts. Even as Apple continues sending cease-and-desist letters to podcast-related start-ups, as well as to unrelated companies who happen to use the word 'pod' in their names and products, there is a growing feeling that these efforts to divorce the medium from the device that gave it its name is healthy."

Monday, October 02, 2006

Commodities Investing

Commodities Investing: "Commodities are bulk goods such as grains, metals, livestock,
oil, cotton, coffee, sugar and cocoa. They can be sold either on
the spot market for immediate delivery or on the commodities
exchanges for later delivery. Trade on the exchanges is in the
form of futures contracts. Commodities are often viewed as a hedge
against inflation because their price rises with the consumer
price index.The modern commodity markets began long ago with
the trading of farm products. Cattle, corn, pigs and wheat were
widely traded in the U.S. in the 19th century, but other foods
(such as soybeans) were added more recently.
Commodity markets are believed to have started in the ancient
Iraq civilization of Sumer, where small baked clay tokens in the
shape of goats or sheep were used in trade. A number of tokens
sealed in a clay vessel represented a promise to deliver that
number of goats or sheep.
Classical civilizations of the ancient world established
sophisticated global markets that traded gold or silver for cloth,
spices, weapons, and wood. Because travel was quite dangerous in
those days, it was a important for states to keep trade routes
open so they could obtain these valuable commodities.
Civilizations which dealt efficiently with the practical aspects
of trading commodities became mighty empires.
To learn more about commodities investing, please browse all of
our articles.
Happy Investing!"

Hot Momma Drama:--Celebrity Gossip so Fresh..It's Steaming!

Hot Momma Drama:--Celebrity Gossip so Fresh..It's Steaming!: "It%u2019s not looking good for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. They have not been photographed together in some time and many gossips are suspecting that they may have split. Prolonged separation seems to be at fault, as Vaughn has been filming a movie in London over the last few weeks.A friend of Aniston%u2019s told Life & Style Weekly, %u201CJen and Vince had been fighting over the phone since he started traveling. She said it was making both of them miserable.%u201D The pal claims that the tension between Jen and Vince only increased when the actress tried to have a conversation about their relationship. %u201CVince acted distracted and closed off and refused to discuss their future,%u201D says the source.The magazine claims that Aniston ended things when she met up with a less-than-enthused Vaughn in London. The insider reveals, %u201CJen says she knew things wouldn%u2019t work out between them. They%u2019ve tried taking breaks before, so this time she went one step further - and ended it!%u2026their fighting was torture, and she%u2019d had enough."

Entertainment News, Film Reviews, & Movies information from The Hollywood Reporter

Entertainment News, Film Reviews, & Movies information from The Hollywood Reporter: "The weekend boxoffice took on a decidedly animated cast as 'Open Season,' the first feature from Sony Pictures Animation, topped the list in its debut weekend. The movie about a bunch of talkative animals in the wild, directed by Roger Allers and Jill Culton, and featuring the voices of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher, took in $23.6 million."

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